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I'm Lauren. I'm a storyteller. I love a good cold plunge in nature. I like to ground outside so my feet are always dirty. I've had an impressive nearly two decade career in clinical emergency medicine as a paramedic - and that's not even the most interesting thing about me.

I'm fascinated with human beings, with ritual, with the nervous system and with where these magics combine. I teach paramedics, facilitate ceremony, guide nervous system regulation and serve tea. 

And I'm (proudly) a wee bit feral.

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Explore your inner landscape in a ceremonial container. Be guided through a bespoke experience utilizing a combination of applied polyvagal theory, breathwork and traditional shamanic ritual to release trauma and step forward with intention


Drop into community to build your grounding toolbox with a foundation in applied polyvagal theory to introduce your system to grounded support.

Group grounding

Accept the ultimate level of support in discovering the nuances of how your body processes stress, befriending your nervous system and building an impactful and sustainable ground practice - unique to you!

1 on 1 grounding + guidance

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A mentor once described burnout to me as when the heart wants to quit the job but the body keeps showing up. Physiologically we see burnout as profound nervous system dysregulation experienced primarily by the dorsal vagal nerve root. Whether triggered by an understaffed shift or threatened by a mountain lion, we can assume humans have always strived for self regulation.

House on fire:
the true cost of burnout


-Ryan Hussey, Paramedic

"Lauren places an emphasis on self-care above all else and has concrete methods for working through trauma in the field and in life; these lessons and awareness of trauma and how it can affect first responders has shaped the way I care for myself to ensure a long, healthy, and balanced career in EMS."

-Rachel Oliver, Paramedic

"Lauren is an incredibly warm hearted and professional individual. She is single handedly one of the mentors ... who was prepared and willing to meet me around every corner and celebrate even the smallest milestones. "

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For transitioning between work and home, in between tough calls and alarms or just to start your day clear. My gift to you.

5 minutes to a better headspace - your Grounding Protocol