Where we begin

We work together to expand your awareness of the current physiological state of your nervous system. 

From that solid foundation, we will build your unique toolbox to cultivate nervous system regulation.

While our sessions offer structure, you set the pace - take what you need and leave the rest.

You will leave our season together with a sustainable grounding practice and rescue routine.

It's exhausting to keep trying, keep showing up, when your body is sending you perpetual messages shouting a giant "HELL NO".

Learn the language of your system, build a routine to listen and build structure in your life to support your own needs. Before long, you'll feel all the ways your world is a giant "HELL YES"!

regulate your nervous system
release old patterns
discover joy

sample season

an example of a bespoke program

month 1

Build your grounding toolbox in session together and take home actionable steps to begin feeling more relaxed and in control - right away.

befriend your nervous system

month 2

cultivate awareness

Use your newfound spaciousness to explore the patterns keeping you stuck. See your habits and behaviors with clarity and without judgment.

month 3

take ownership

Confidently build a grounding practice you can commit to, complete with sustainable nervous system maintenance and rescue support.

This is the moment.
Accept support, release the old shit, choose joy.
You don't need to walk this path alone.

Ready to book