I'm a vivacious, adventurous, tenacious human being hell-bent on showing others the path from
surviving to thriving to JOY.

My clinical experience in emergency medicine includes nearly two decades of positions in the emergency department, urgent care setting, municipal fire departments, mobile intensive care unit and private ambulance service. 

Lauren Cestero

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My leadership/administrative service includes serving as founding chairman of a wellness committee for a major hospital system, leading a volunteer student run ambulance service for a 30,000+ student university, coordinating and providing clinical care for major events with an average of 40,000 attendees, instructing in paramedicine at the collegiate level where I pioneered hybrid emergency medical services educational programs with an emphasis in work-life balance and mental health.

As I mentored paramedic students I noticed how the nervous system dysregulation they experienced hindered their ability to learn, to focus and to thrive. I made it my mission to educate myself on the traumatized mind and sought the most comprehensive education possible in how best to support them. I'm proud to say my students have excelled and gleefully report sustainable careers.

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A mentor once described burnout to me as when the heart wants to quit the job but the body keeps showing up. Physiologically we see burnout as profound nervous system dysregulation experienced primarily by the dorsal vagal nerve root. Whether triggered by an understaffed shift or threatened by a mountain lion, we can assume humans have always strived for self regulation.

House on fire:
the true cost of burnout


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