Regulate in community

Our Group Grounding space is gentle, spacious and educational. Every practice is optional and safety within the body is established first and encouraged for regulation throughout.

This offering includes education in nervous system regulation with a foundation in applied polyvagal theory - broken down into comprehensible and applicable steps.

We commonly feel "alone" in the journey of regulation. Practice grounding in community to be reminded how supported you truly are.

In the beginning of my regulation journey, I desperately craved community. I remember signing up for a weekly yoga class, only to cry in the parking lot every week. Feeling trapped by the trauma in my body, the classes felt like a deep dive into an awareness I was unprepared to face.

Be welcomed into a space where you may come as you are, meet your nervous system wherever it's at, and take some tools home.

I think of this class as before-yoga.

A practice in simply being.

This is the moment.
Accept support, release the old shit, choose joy.
You don't need to walk this path alone.

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